Amenities and various services at Dulles airport

Internet Free Wi-Fi

Free WiFi is provided in the terminal and lobby areas.
The free WiFi network is identified as: "FlyDulles"
After selecting the FlyDulles network, a "welcome screen" will appear.
Enter your email address and zip code.
PLEASE NOTE: International customers can select "Yes" to avoid entering the postal code.
After accepting the Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions, click "Connect".

Currency exchange

Washington Dulles Airport has several international currency exchange offices, namely:

Terminal: Departures and ticketing level - East and West, top of the escalators
Halls A / B: Door A32
Hall C: Door C8 and C12
Hall D: Door D16
International Arrivals Building near the exit, in front of the baggage check-in counters
Services provided typically include:

World currency exchange
Receive traveler's checks
Money wire
Public notary
Limited US Postal Services
Contact numbers: 703-572-3335 and 703-572-3336

PLEASE NOTE: Services and hours of operation vary by location.

Travel assistance service

It is the service designed for passengers who seek to avoid the stressful situation that all pre or post trip, avoid delays and long queues at check-in, security controls, and customs. Streamlining this process has become the main objective of an increasing number of airport concierge companies that offer frequent travelers the possibility to save time, either when leaving or arriving at the airport. . As well as in some cases, coordinating your stay in a VIP lounge or hotel, transfers, procedures, shopping while waiting for a flight, etc. In Washington Dulles this service is offered by the following companies:

Air General
Global Airport Concierge
Huntleigh USA
Perq soleil
Professional Services Management

Charging stations

Free charging stations are located in each lobby near the boarding gates and, in the Main Terminal, outside the International Arrivals entrance. Also, most Dulles Airport restaurants and bars offer free cargo to their customers. Additional charging stations are located in the Concourse B food court near Gate B73 and in Concourses C and D.

In turn, the airport has electric vehicle charging stations at no additional cost (standard parking fees apply).

Luggage carts

Dulles International Airport offers Smarte Carte luggage carts for rent. These are located on the departures level (curbside), on the arrivals level next to the baggage claim carousels and in the international arrivals hall next to the baggage claim carousels.
The cars can be rented with a credit card or cash.


The Interfaith Chapel at Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Concourse A, directly across from Gate A32.

It represents a space of tranquility, ideal for prayer. Everyone is welcome, from employees who come for a minute break, to passengers and other visitors who feel the need to pray and read. The Chapel is open 24 hours a day.

The Holy Scriptures and literature are available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Urdu, Amharic, and Polish.

Nursing Room

Dulles International has 8 nursing rooms throughout the airport reserved exclusively for nursing mothers located at:

Terminal, Pre-Security
Arrivals level: next to the restrooms in front of baggage claim 2, 6, 11 and 14.

Gates A: near gate A20
Gates B: Near gate B70 (includes a private bathroom)
Gates C: near gate C11 (includes a sink)
Gates D: near gate D1
The rooms are protected for your personal comfort. To access, just go to one of the information desks or call Airport Operations at 703-572-2730.

Pet relief areas

Washington Dulles International Airport has designated rest areas for service animals / pets traveling with passengers.

Locations within lobbies (post-security):
Next to gate A32, next to the Virgin Atlantic Club
On the other side of gate D1, near & pizza

Locations outside the Terminal (pre-security):
At the opposite ends of the Terminal, on the Departures Level - Ticketing / Check-In. You can take the exit from gate 1 of the terminal and turn left or exit from gate 16 and turn right. There is also a third relief area on the Arrivals level, outside the building through the exit near Baggage Claim 1.

Pet and service animal relief areas are clearly marked and contain waste bags and receptacles for your convenience.

Kid's play zone

Temporarily Closed

Dulles Airport, through an agreement with NASA, has a play area for child travelers located in Concourse B, near gate B70. Here children can enjoy exciting interactive play displays, glide through the "Tommy Tower" and climb aboard the "Supersonic Jet" and the "Hyperwing".

FunWay also offers aviation-inspired crossword puzzles and word searches, along with factoids about the wonders of air and space. In turn, parents can enjoy comfortable seating and charging stations located on the perimeter of the FunWay. Children should not be left alone; adult supervision is required at all times.

Smoking areas

In addition to the outdoor smoking areas outside the Terminal, there are smoking lounges in each lobby:
Concourse B Located opposite gate B37 and next to gate B73
Concourse C Located opposite gate C2
Concourse D Located opposite gate D30
Smoking is permitted only in designated areas, in accordance with the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority Regulations.

Violations of the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act carry a civil penalty of $ 25.00. This smoking policy shall be enforced by the Airport Police and Fire Code Enforcement Division personnel.